We are Monkey Puzzle Tree enthusiasts and growers based in Fintry, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

We can be contacted by email at: monkeypuzzleworld@gmail.com

Information for this site has come from many sources, but especially from the excellent book by David Gedye.

His book "Araucaria The Monkey Puzzle" can be purchased by emailing the author at: orakariapress@gmail.com

All the proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to ICCP (International Conifer Conservation Programme)

This fascinating book tells how David Gedye inherited photos of his great-great-grandfather's monkey puzzle trees which led him to research the history of them and him, Philip Frost. He found a photograph of him standing beside one of the first trees to be grown in the U.K. in 1872. The book reveals much information of how the trees first arrived in this country, brought here from Chile by the renown Scottish surgeon, botanist and naturalist Arcibald Menzies in 1795.


Thank you also to David Trewin, woodturner from Cornwall who specialises in producing beautiful pieces from monkey puzzle timber, for supplying images.

He can be contacted at: davidtrewin229@btinternet.com


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If you want to see lots more photos of monkey puzzle trees, have at look at this Instagram page:

Image courtesy Jon Cary

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Araucaria araucana

The Monkey Puzzle Tree