Trees For Sale

Updated March 2022


Trees 1 metre to 1.2 metres tall,

50 or 30 litre pots, 

(1.2 metres - 1.5 metres including the pot)


Not currently available


Trees 1.4 metres tall,


in a 50 litre pot.

(1.75 metres including the pot)


Not currently available


Trees 1.7 metres to 1.9 metres tall,

all in 50 litre containers

(2 metres - 2.2 metres including the pot)

£350.00 each

Not currently available


Transportation of these trees can be quite challenging and we are currently mostly offering them on a collection only basis. However we are able to offer delivery of 1 to 1.2 metre tall trees within central Scotland. Please email with your postcode for a definitive delivery charge.

Otherwise please contact us at: noting the size of tree you require and when you would like to come and pick it up. We will reply with directions to where we are and confirm the collection date.

It's advisable to wear suitable clothing and eye protection as the leaves are very sharp, especially on the older and larger trees. Also ensure that the vehicle you have will be able to accommodate the tree. They should be kept upright if possible.

We are primarily amateur growers specialising in only growing monkey puzzle trees and don’t have the overheads of staff and premises to pay, nor do we need to charge you v.a.t.

This means we are able to sell the trees at a much lower price than commercial internet sellers and garden centres and we are producing some of the best quality trees in the U.K.. All the trees for sale have been hardened in our northern climate and are between 10 and 14 years old. Have a good look at the photos and you will notice how bushy and strong our trees are compared to others available. Absolutely necessary to give them a good chance of survival following planting into the ground.

We have also printed the tree size excluding and including the container which means you know the actual tree size and also can judge if the tree will fit in your vehicle. (N.B. when comparing prices most suppliers seem to include the pot when quoting the tree size).

We have over 500 monkey puzzle trees growing at various stages of development and have listed above some trees we have available and ready to be planted into the ground now.


Araucaria araucana

The Monkey Puzzle Tree